Cool Dwarf Multiplicity Throughout the Ages

A COOL STARS 19 splinter session

June 9, 2016 || UKK Room #n


Our speakers and agenda are now posted! If you are interested in giving a 1 minute poster pop, please let us know via the link at the bottom of this page. See all of you in Uppsala!

Session organizers

Scientific Motivation

The importance of binary systems of brown dwarfs and low mass stars is ubiquitous: coeval and cospatial pairs of objects are useful to constrain evolutionary and atmospheric models, determine dynamical masses, and orbital parameters along with fundamental properties like age and metallicity (if the substellar companion is paired with a star), and as probes of formation mechanisms and theories. The vast diversity of substellar binary systems in terms of age, separation, eccentricity, mass ratio, and spectral type combinations provide a large sample from which to draw robust population statistics. In this session we invite observers and theorists who work on the discovery and characterization of binary systems in order to understand the current state of the field and the direction in which it is going with future missions.

Invited speaker

Prof. Cathie Clark (University of Cambridge, Institute of Astronomy)

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