Christopher R. Gelino
Division of Physics, Mathematics, and Astronomy
California Institute of Technology
Mail Code 105-24
Pasadena, CA 91102
cgelino AT

New Mexico State University:
    Ph.D. (Astronomy) June 2002
    M.S. (Astronomy) May 1999
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign:
    B.S. (Astronomy) May 1995

Research Experience:
Research Assistant, Astronomy Department, NMSU: 1996-2002
Advisor: Dr. Mark Marley
Extrasolar planets: modeled reflected spectra and albedos
Martian hydrothermal processes: modified United States Geological Survey code to model Mars
Brown Dwarfs: far visible and near infrared observations, data reduction, and data analysis

Summer Research Assistant, Department of Astronomy, UIUC: Summer 1994

Advisor: Dr. John Dickel
performed image processing of Hubble Space Telescope images using the IRAF package

Other Experience:

NMSU Astronomy Department Webmaster: 2000-Present

maintained and updated department pages as needed

Teaching Assistant, Astronomy Department, NMSU: 1996-1999

Taught laboratory sections for undergraduate astronomy courses including:
introductory planetary class (3 semesters)
general introductory astronomy class (2 semesters + 1 summer session)
upper level undergraduate course (1 semester)

American Astronomical Society
Division for Planetary Sciences of the AAS


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