Brown Dwarf Catalog

Thanks for taking a look at my Online Brown Dwarf Catalog. There are curently 2 versions of the catalog: an HTML table and a Java Applet. The HTML table is being replaced by the applet, so the table is not being updated. The applet is still under construction, but the basic features are all working. I plan on making it more robust and user friendly in the near future.

I have tested the applet on a variety of browsers and platforms. It will not work with Netscape (any version) running on a Mac, but should work fine with Netscape 4.07 or higher on any other platform (i.e. Windows, Unix or Linux). Older versions of Netscape will not support the applet so you should download the newest Netscape. :) Internet Explorer 5 for the Mac might support the applet, but this has not been tested.

HTML Catalog
Applet Catalog

Chris Gelino
Last modified: Thu May 11 17:31:10 MDT 2000