Chris and Dawn's Wedding Pictures  
(about 1/3 of the professional pictures)
October 21, 2000

Dawn with invitation
Dawn and Diana in mirror
What is in these flowers?
Dawn, Diana, and Danielle
3D and their mother
Dawn and mom
Skylar and Chelsea at church
The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse
Papa, Grammy M., and Whacky Guy (Vinny, Jr.)
Michael and Sydney before their debut
Mom and Dad G. get ready for number 4
Chris2 still waiting...
Boy, aren't those trees pretty?

Brian and Grammy Leeber
Papa and Grammy Morreale
Chris' parents
Dawn's mom and uncle
Lauren and Jim
Wendy and Rob
Alicia and Jason
Lorri ("I'm going to kill that kid"), Sydney, and Michael
Dawn and her dad
Three Dawn's are better than one
The whole church
Dawn and Chris say their vows
Chris gives Dawn ring number 2
Danielle sings
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Gelino

St. Michael from the outside
Not so St. Michael outside
Syd the kid is ready to eat
Chris and Dawn in the church
Aren't they cute?

In the park
Chris and Dawn in the park
Dawn and Diana in the park
Chris #1 and Chris #2 in the park
Dawn and her party
Chris and his posse
Wedding party sans Michael
Dawn, Chris, and Dawn's mother
Dawn, Chris, and his parents
Chris and the girls
The Gelino clan
Dawn, Chris, her father, and grandmother
Dawn, Chris, and her grandparents

At the reception
A smaller Gelino clan
Table #9
Table #5
Table #6
Table #4
Table #11
Table #14
Table #15
Table #12
Table #13
Table #3
Papa, Grammy M., and Dawn's Great Aunt Rose
Look! Chris can dance!
Chris #2 gives the toast
Table #10
Table #8 (please don't block your number next time)
Table #7 plus a wanderer
Table #16
Table #2
The cake

Dancing, etc.
Don't quit your day jobs
Chris and his mom
Chris and his nieces
Grammy and Papa
Chris' parents
Dave and Deana
We would like a new HDTV or this picture goes all over the web!
Diana and her grandmother
Dawn's Mom and Billy
Jim and Skylar
Chris and Kathy
Jim and Wendy
"He just sees the world differently."
Watch those hands!
Dawn and Papa
Chris #2 with Sydney and Becky
Group hug
Chris and his aunt Rosemary
RPI rules!
Chris extracts the garter
The best man at his best
The rings
Same person, same floor, new shirt. (We're still waiting for that HDTV.)
Ring around the rosie
Vinny decides to dance like everyone else
Dawn's grandmother and cousin
This guy changes clothes more than Cher!
One wedding down, two more to go
The end of a long day
That's all folks
The newly weds bid good night

This one isn't from the wedding, but it is a recent photo of us taken for the NMSU Alumni Magazine at the dedication of the Sloan Digital Sky Survey at Apache Point Observatory. The telescope is behind us (obviously!); part of White Sands National Monument is off of Dawn's left shoulder. Click here for the photo