Chris Gelino's Thesis

Here is my long-awaited thesis. This will likely be a temporary location until I find a more permanent one. All files are Postscript.

Entire thesis: PS (~17 Mb), gzipped PS (~1.6 Mb)

You can also get the individual chapters here.
Front Matter (title, acknowledgments, table of contents, etc.) (~0.2 Mb)
Chapter 1: Introduction (~1.6 Mb)
Chapter 2: Variability in an Unresolved Jupiter
Chapter 3: Optical Observations
Chapter 4: Near-infrared Observations: SQIID
Chapter 5: Near-infrared Observations: GRIM II
Chapter 6: Variability Sources
Chapter 7: Results and Future Work
Appendix A: L Dwarf Data
Appendix B: Online Brown Dwarf Catalog

Chris Gelino
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